Rainbow Land

Forget the pot of gold...This is what you find at the end of the rainbow

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you are all having a great All Hallows Eve today.
Brian...I hope that you have a good first day at your new place of employment.
I had an awesome weekend, I went to a couple of different get togethers and had a good time at all. Some were different then others. I love to see what people are being for Halloween and the more creative the better. At my friend Alexis's party there was a guy who didn't think he could come till the last minute so he wore a white toque and a white garbage bag with assorted garbage attached to it and was White Trash...it was great. I want to commend everyone on the YG costumes this year...very very nice...although Jonah wins for the best costume with Benny coming in a very close second :D
I am so excited for work tonight because little kids come in all dressed up to trick or treat. I love little kids in costumes, I think it is one of the greatest things ever they are even more adorable then usual. Tonight at work will be great because we get to dress up to so I am quite excited even if I am the only person who does it is ok...because I will be the only person who didn't have to wear their uniform!

Ps. I hope you all noticed that you are alive and well after commenting on my blog. You were all spared by the lightening, I think that you should continue :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random Facts

I haven't posted in a long time and I don't really have anything to say and I have been giving everybody else such a hard time about not posting I thought I would really quickly.
  • I haven't worked for the past three days it has been brilliant
  • I know that I will be working like 7 days in a row starting tomorrow :(
  • I bought my bus ticket for my November trip for the Great White North
  • I went and got a refund of my bus ticket because they didn't give me the cheaper fare...I still don't think that I got enough back
  • I am really excited to go to GP...I haven't been there in almost a year
  • I am having a pretty day...they don't happen very often I am enjoying it
  • I am having lunch with Bobert today...looking forward to it
  • I have Fuel tonight...also looking forward to it
  • I am pumped for the Halloween parties that I will be attending...It will be a very long weekend

That is the quick update on my life pretty exciting huh? Sorry I can't give you any crazy customer stories but I would have had to have worked to do that :P

If you guys come to my page you can comment you know, don't worry no one will strike you down with lightening I promise!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I need

I stole this from Beth who stole it from Brett, who apparently stole it from Ian so here we go

  • Megan needs a theme song
  • Megan needs to work on her gun control
  • Megan needs help with at this point is in the area of ... (It's a mystery folks)
  • Megan needs solutions that simplify - not complicate her life
  • Megan needs a loving home
  • Megan needs an organ transplant
  • Megan needs lots of encouragement on the home front from parent
  • Megan needs 10 volunteers
  • Megan needs to learn how to receive the concessions and help others offer withoutdefensiveness
  • Megan needs coffee this early!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On the bus

I was on the bus today and I sat y a man who was doing what I thought was his devotional or bible study. I thought "Well that's cool...props to the guy for having the guts to do on the bus" Then he started talking to himself...which weirded me out again I thought "Perhaps he is just repeating the verses or maybe even praying...which is cool...I guess...on a public bus it might be polite to do this in your head!" When I looked at the book he was reading I didn't recognize the name of the book...no Matthew, Luke, heck not even Deuteronomy. Then when he got ready to get off the bus he closed his book and it turned out to be the Book of Mormon. I wish I had a better end to the story like him screaming may God have mercy on your souls or something but I found it interesting...sometimes I forget that there are all different religions and they all have their own book of laws and rules.

Friday, October 14, 2005

It makes me think

I was flipping through blogs (I like to do that in my spare time other people fascinate me) and I came across one about contentment. It makes me think. I shouldn't be playing "What if..." that game won't get me anywhere. I need realize that I am where I am supposed to be at this time. God has planned for me to be here, right now in the moment in time and I have to accept it. He has a plan for me and that he will use me in the exact spot he wants me. He surrounds me with people who are there to build me up and make me stronger, he has even brought people back into my life that I didn't every think would be there. It has been amazing to see how a few years has made such a dramatic change. It is a big step for me to put things out there and be "There you go God, this is me, this is what I have to offer and I am gonna let you do with it as you will. Give me the strength to realize that everything has happened for a reason and that you know what you want to do with me." I am not perfect there are things that I am going to want to control and hold on to tight and not give up but I want to see what life would be like with me not stressing about every little thing, giving it up and taking the weight off my shoulders. I wish that I was strong enough to be able to say this all out loud, I have so much to say but I am afraid of what people will think and if they will take me seriously or just think I am up there for show. Writing is cathartic for me, it allows me to express my feelings without having to be worried how others feel. Singing is the same way, when I sing I feel like nothing can phase me. In Fuel there are times when I feel completely at peace, I don't care if I don't sing the right note (If you know me, you know that is a big deal). I want to have a way to carry that faith and joy through out the week all the time. Well, I am gonna make the step and try be content with where I am in life and try to put all my worries no matter how small in the hands of someone who can make even the biggest problems seem like they are insignificant.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

You can't hide beautiful...

I have fallen in love with this song. Whoever wrote it must have really been in love with the women they wrote it for. It is just amazing.

She says don't stare at me she's afraid that I might see those five extra pounds she talks about

Man, I don't know what she's talking about

She looks through magazines with every page she dreams of looking like somebody else I wish she wasn't so hard on herself

Then she falls asleep with just my T-shirt on, even when her hair's messed up and her makeup's gone

You can't hide beautiful, you can't hide wonderful

There's nothing that she has to do, it just comes natural, she makes it look easy, I love what she does to me, no way to disguise the way that she shines

You can't hide beautiful Oh no...

She can take a simple dress put it on and turn some heads

Man, every time she moves she gets me, she doesn't even know she's sexy

The way she think sometimes out of nowhere blows my mind

She makes me laugh and makes me dream I love the way she looks at things

A little piece of heaven God gave to this world

She might think she's just an ordinary girl

You can't hide beautiful Oh no...She makes it look easy I love what she does to me

No way to disguise the way that she shines

You can't hide beautiful Oh no

You can't hide beautiful...She's so beautiful.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy One Year Anniversary

I hope you two had a great weekend.

Love you both!

Friday, October 07, 2005

You Found Me

Is this a dream?
If it is please don't wake me from this high
I've become comfortably numb until you opened up my eyes
To what it's like when everything's right
I can't believe
You found me when no one else was lookin'
How did you know just where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through all of my confusion
The ups and the downs and you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what nobody could see
You found me you found me
Here we are that's pretty far when you think of where we've been
No going back I'm fading out all that has faded me within
You're by my side now everything's fine
I can't believe
You found me when no one else was lookin'
How did you know just where I would be?
Yeah, you broke through all of my confusion the ups and the downs and you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what nobody could see
You found me you found me
I was hiding' til you came along and showed me where I belong
You found me when no one else was lookin'
Yeah, you broke through all of my confusion the ups and the downs and you still didn't leave
I guess that you saw what nobody could see you found me
The good and the bad and the things in between
You found me you found me
Kelly Clarkson

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Accidents and Random Thoughts

Have you ever looked an accident and wonder just how those two (or more) cars came to be in the position they did? That is sort of how I am feeling about my life...I dunnoam I supposed to be here or did I cross into the wrong lane and in danger of crashing at any minute. Ok well now that I have my sillyness out of the way. The accident I saw on the way to school inspired these thoughts.
Random thoughts to follow...
  • I am so excited to go to the game tonight...they say absense makes the heart grow fonder so the energy in "Rexall Place" (I still hate that name but I guess it is better then the Gaylord Entertainment Center) should be crazy.
  • I get to have lunch with Uncle Bob this afternoon. I am pumped we should have some good chats. He is like my second dad, he makes my day
  • Anyone who want to take my psychology 105 and sociology 100 midterms this friday are more then welcome too...all I need is a promise that you will do better then I would
  • I love my IPod and I am so glad that I finally get to use it. Thanks Ian
  • Speaking of my boyfriend. Even though I know the chance that you will read this I love you more then words can express. You have been my rock and I am eternally grateful for your love and support.
  • I love my friends and family. Those of you that I am so honoured to call that, please just rember that I will always be there for you...there isn't anything that you can't ask of me...well with a few exceptions

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Wow... I am a 5th of a century today. I feel so old...but that is ok it's not like I am 30 or anything...like some people who shall remain nameless. That is crazy one more year and I can go anywhere and do anything...there is lots of stuff I wouldn't do but the important thing is that I will be able to do it. My favorite part of today is that my parents feel old because they have a daughter who is 20 years old. It's a bummer that my birthday feel on today because I won't be able to enjoy it with family and friends ebcause I have to go to work...I think I should wear a tag that says "It's my birthday, you have to be nice to me!" and then maybe they won't all be so cranky. Well I would just like to give a happy birthday wish to Anne Venebles even though she will probably not see it :D
I hope that you all have a good day

Monday, October 03, 2005

Muffins, Money and Deep Conversation

Today I was in line at school to buy a muffin for breakfast and when I heard the girl behind me say she didn't have enough for the coffee and muffin I offered to pay the $1.40 for her muffin so that she could have it for breakfast too. I was really looking forward to start the day off nice but alas she turned down my offer. That is ok though I feel good about it anyway. Did I mention that the muffin I am eating is really really good.
My friend Samira and I went out for desserts last night at Montana's. We had an awesome time and we got to talk about a lot of stuff that we don't usually talk about. Even though Samira is muslim, she still holds many of the same values I do on sex, drinking etc. it was really awesome to have a conversation with her to realize that even though we don't believe in the same God that we still have so many things in common.