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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How hot is this?

'Nuff Said
Hi Mom! *waves*

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

California 2007 Photos

Sorry that these aren't in any sort of order. We had a GREAT time in California. We went to Disneyland, California Adventures, Universal Studios and Sea World! Most of these are pictures with characters but there are a few others and if you are really interested in seeing our trip we have about 600 pictures between all four of us, on three cameras!
Ohh Billy, you say the cutest things
He was looking for Boo
Cowboy Power!

Newport Beach!

Captain America and The Green Goblin

Samantha on the Red Carpet

Perhaps we should have ran instead of posing

Sam, Mrs. Incredible and I

Mom, Dad and Pluto

Prince Philip and the Ladies

This guy was a brat!

ARIEL...pretty much the best part of the trip

Mickey and I

Merlin and his muses

Sam: Have you been working out?

Who is this sexy guy? (He is completely made out of Lego)

Breakfast at Ihop

I love you R2D2!

Max is such a stud!

Mary Poppins sharing her man with us!

Wow, did Minnie just get hotter?

Sam, Shrek, Princess Fiona, and I (Boy she doesn't look impressed)

Sam, Donald and I


Mirror Photo at the HoJo

Sam, Princess Jasmine, and I

Samantha hanging ten...dudes

Pretty Princesses
"Look Fabulous Darlings"

Which one is it? Chip or Dale?

Sam, Goofy and I

Doesn't Sam look like she did something wrong?

No not a picture of me...it's SHAMU

We chatted up Donkey!

OMG, Samantha when did you get your own wanted poster?

Yes Sam, that IS you!

Sam, Woody (the woodpecker) and I

Sam and I at the airport
Walking down the terminal

Sam, Beetle Juice and I
My Mom isn't even intimidated by Jaws!

The MacAulay's in the Hollywood Hills

Houston, we have two hotties!

My, what big teeth you have!

Quick to the duck phone

Sam, Minnie, and I

Sam, Spongebob and I

Samantha, Buzz Lightyear and I

Samantha, Belle and I

Watch Out!