Rainbow Land

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Pretty....

Could he be more beautiful...I am just wondering.
I seriously have a major crush on this boy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Josh Groban Baby!

So tonight I attended the Josh Groban concert. On a bad day a Josh Groban concert would be awesome but seeing as tonight was FREAKING amazing, I feel and look like Abby when she gets excited...complete with squeals and arms and legs straight out.

I could listen to Josh sing me the phone book, dictionary, thesaurus...pretty much anything. He has such an amazing voice and he is quite the looker too so it is a double whammy. Tonight I discovered that he is actually quite funny, in that "I'm nerdy but I totally embrace it" sort of way.

Now we come to the highlight of my night:

Half way through the concert, we hear Josh singing my favorite song from his new album "AWAKE" called "In Her Eyes" but he was not on the stage. Suddenly the spotlight shines on section 116 and he is in the crowd singing. My mom's friend from work was sitting in that section and we were both thinking how lucky she was. He walked through the crowd and I hoped and wished that he would come by us because we had AMAZING seats. Next thing I know Josh FREAKING Groban is like 2 feet away from me singing!


(You can ask my mom...totally at me!)

Check this out, it's not while he was looking at me but blame my mom for that, I was trying not to pee myself with excitement!

It was an amazing concert and Josh is totally down to earth, even with the amount of talent he has been blessed with. If you haven't heard of him you should really check him out. I will leave you with some more photos from the concert!

Shout out Taryn for calling for the tickets while we were on holidays! You rock!