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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Scars

You quietly keep yourself out of the light
As if nobody knows that you’re there
You watch the world move around you and try not to care

Your secrets are kept where you think no one sees
But your fortress is made out of glass
You think what you’ve been through is not much to give
But you’re worth so much more than your past

It just takes a moment, to find yourself falling
You’re not alone cuz we all understand
Every mistake that we make is a chance to become who we are
So don’t hide your beautiful scars

We all have things that we try to forget
Memories left in the dark
We sew up our wounds and move on but they still leave a mark
It’s tempting to cover our hearts with the shame

And never let anyone in
Oh, but love’s at the end of each path that we’ve taken
And Gives a new place to begin
All of us bruised and broken
All of us with a story to tell

Know that you’re loved more than you can imagine
Jesus has had in you mind from the start
Every mistake that you make is a chance to become who we are
So don’t hide


At 5:52 AM, Blogger Wonder said...

My scars are beautiful! What an amazing poem... Please, keep writting for all of us who are still hiding. :)


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